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In May 2011 I set off on a 7 month journey. With nothing but a backpack on my back, my best friend by my side and a return ticket to EUROPE... Needless to say it was by far the most amazing 7 months of my absolute life!!! Somehow I was motivated enough (and stupid enough) to keep a travel blog going through the whole adventure, and so now, with technology being as fabulous as it is, our story is now roughly preserved on this silly blog.

Thursday, May 19, 2011
@ 1:57 PM

Five nights in Ios!

Ios, Ios, Ios- where do I start with Ios?

An english guy told us as we arrived at this Greek Island that

"Ios is twice the fun and half the price of Mykonos."

And how right he was.

Our backpacking adventure in Ios was a luxery partying holiday on a mediterranian beach. The days there are simple. You party from 10pm. You sleep until midday. You spend any other moments of life on the beach. And then you go out again.

The people here are just  so freaking chilled!!!

Our first night out we had a ball.. Started in the Fun Pub (such a gay name for an awesome place) Here, We played a complicated game of darts and Sarah won- i think that's possibly her proudest moment right there!!! They also have this epic giant game of JENJA !!! (See the picture below) Then we bar hopped all night long and had an interesting walk home before returning to our beloved beach. It was a great night. That morning was not great.   

The next night we went out again, pretty much the same story. The next night we couldn't do it again and went to bed at 10pm, only to wake up at 11.30am... Yes, we had 13 hours sleep (crazzzzzzzy)
And our last night out in Ios was hilarious- but those are stories for another day.

All in all, we had a blast in Ios! We met some awesome people, had some hilarious moments that we will never forget, we got a bit of a tan, we drank a lot of cheap beer and we laughed a lot... As much as we loved it, i think our 5 nights there was just enough for our budget! We will miss Ios.