Wandering Europe!
Here we go now

In May 2011 I set off on a 7 month journey. With nothing but a backpack on my back, my best friend by my side and a return ticket to EUROPE... Needless to say it was by far the most amazing 7 months of my absolute life!!! Somehow I was motivated enough (and stupid enough) to keep a travel blog going through the whole adventure, and so now, with technology being as fabulous as it is, our story is now roughly preserved on this silly blog.

Monday, July 25, 2011
@ 12:31 AM

I'm aware that I have not updated the blog in over a week, and for that I am sorry! We are currently in Barcelona with our English friend Chris, hitting up the lifestyle of the Spanish!!! So I'm very behind and I will update for the rest of Holland and Barcelona sometime in the near future- i promise :)