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In May 2011 I set off on a 7 month journey. With nothing but a backpack on my back, my best friend by my side and a return ticket to EUROPE... Needless to say it was by far the most amazing 7 months of my absolute life!!! Somehow I was motivated enough (and stupid enough) to keep a travel blog going through the whole adventure, and so now, with technology being as fabulous as it is, our story is now roughly preserved on this silly blog.

Friday, August 5, 2011
@ 9:56 PM

4th of August

"Do you know how to dream with your eyes open?"
And so here we are at the brink of nature. On a balcony that overlooks the point where Portugese countryside meets the ocean. Today we celebrated our 3rd month annivasry. Most people would toast this with a bottle of champaigne. However, we toasted with a litre of icecream between us. Obviously, Sarah and I are still kids on the inside.

We are staying at a hostel which is pretty secluded in an area full of old portguese folks, in the hills beyond Lisbon. Before this, we were in the heart of the old town, at an amazing hostel. It's called GO Hostel and i highly recommend it- my favoruite hostel by far. They had hammocks and bean bags in the garden, a few common rooms with guitars and giant tvs and more beanbags, a fully equipped kitchen, funky paintings everywhere- Golly, i sound like i'm advertising this place, but i swear to god, it's amazing. And ridiculously cheap. We scored. the place was crawling with Australians, which was bound to happen sometime soon. We always meet Australians in giant clumps- we won't see any for ages and thn BAM, we are surrounded. And to top it off, our dorm of 8 for each 3 nights was pretty much a rotation of awesome people!!!

Lisbon has amazing character and a certain charm to it, the people are lovely, the pastries are mind blowing, the scenery is to die for!!! We didn't end up leaving Lisbon to see any part of Portugal, but you know what, I am actually okay with that. I will miss this place...