Wandering Europe!
Here we go now

In May 2011 I set off on a 7 month journey. With nothing but a backpack on my back, my best friend by my side and a return ticket to EUROPE... Needless to say it was by far the most amazing 7 months of my absolute life!!! Somehow I was motivated enough (and stupid enough) to keep a travel blog going through the whole adventure, and so now, with technology being as fabulous as it is, our story is now roughly preserved on this silly blog.

Friday, November 25, 2011
@ 11:48 PM

I'm aware I spelt Switzerland wrong in the below picture... I did this post when i was super tired so let's just ignore that

It was 30 years ago when my mother backpacked through Europe. And her favoruite country was Switzerland. She had grown up reading the Johanna Spyri's 'Heidi' books, the story of a girl who lived on the Swiss mountains. Years later, when she had daughter number two, she called her Heidi.

Of course, growing up, I also spent my days reading the books of Heidi . And so ultimately my life long dream has always been to go to Switzerland. And here I am, 30 years after Susie has been here, loving the country just as much as she did.

The train trip from Austria to Switzerland was breath taking. The scenery to die for. The mountains like a fairytale. The gorgeous big blue Zurich lake. Love at first sight ;)

We arrived in Zurich, found our hosts apartment and collapsed, falling asleep for a couple of hours. We're not lazy, you've just got to understand that traveling is really really exhausting. And we spend our days walking around like an extra 25kgs on our backs!

At night, our host Pius took us to a University party.  Now daredevil Sarah is so keen for jumping out of planes, speeding on quad bikes, jumping off bridges, but put her on a bicylce and she kinda freaks out a bit and turns into Bambi. It's hilarious. And so, to get to this party, we had to cycle. After the party after 4 beers and some Jager WE GOT TO CYCLE HOME TIPSY. I now feel like we are truly European. Turns out, with beer Sarah is a much much better on two wheels, Intriguing!!!

We felt a bit rough waking up, and would've loved to just roll back over and sleep all day. But OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. This is our THIRD full day left!!! And so we jumped on a train out of Zurich and into the mountains. Where we frolicked around the small town and it's big monastry before finding a walking route and 'hiking.' It was nature at it's finest. Everything about this was just beautiful, we were surrounded by mountains and Lake Zurich. We were reminiscing about all our adventures. The sound of sheep wearing big bells on their collars constantly rang as they ate the grass! The sun was setting and the hills were lit up as the children of the town ice skated and played ice hockey. I am so glad we didn't roll back over, because it was a lovely experience.

It is such a weird reality to think that here we are casually walking through Swiss mountains, where next week I'll be back in Berwick. I'm not the academic type at all, I was terrible when it came to Year 12, and I'd never thought I'd ever say it, but this trip has set me up nicely that I'm actually looking forward to go study.  Also, because i will be studying at Deakin in Geelong, it means i'll be moving out and this trip really has given me the independance to do that easily.