Wandering Europe!
Here we go now

In May 2011 I set off on a 7 month journey. With nothing but a backpack on my back, my best friend by my side and a return ticket to EUROPE... Needless to say it was by far the most amazing 7 months of my absolute life!!! Somehow I was motivated enough (and stupid enough) to keep a travel blog going through the whole adventure, and so now, with technology being as fabulous as it is, our story is now roughly preserved on this silly blog.

Monday, November 21, 2011
@ 5:35 PM

There's no kangaroos in Austria!
Austria, Austria, Austria. Where do I start?

Our first night we went to the spectacular town hall with our CSer Philipp and went to the Christmas markets. We did less marketing and more hot wine drinking :)!!! Once the cold had gotten to us we went out for a  traditional Austrian dinner, where Sarah did the unexpected. She'd bee saying for a while now that she wanted Pork Ribs, and Philipp had taken us to a place where they offered a Large serving for a decent price. And so, when the waitress brought out a MASSIVE board with 22 HUGE Pork ribs, it looked like she was serving a whole pig. Not only were we gaping, but the rest of the resautrant was too.  And who did the massive meal belong too? Little miss Sarah :) We egged her on and she managed to down the WHOLE meal. How? I will never know. Why? I will never know (She struggled and looked like she was in pain, but she still did it.) It was amazing. It was spectacular. She deserves an award

Later that night we went to an Aussie bar and I had my first Austrlian beer. (Back in Aus i'd sip someone elses beer and splutter.) After my 7 months of beer tasting in Europe I was rather impressed with the Crown lager I had. And then after we went to a party which was held in the foyer of a cinema.... So equivalent to a party being held at the candy bar at a Village movie theater... It was quite the peculiar location. BUT nevertheless we had a great time. Everyone was going all out with the dancing, and Sarah and I got to join in with our dorky dance moves. I think at one stage we were attmepting to salsa together!!!

During our stay in Vienna, we've done a fabulous job at getting lost, but it's the greatest way to see a whole city! We stumbled upon Hotel Sacher, the famous cafe that sells the original Austrian Sacher-Tort, and so we HAD to go. Any excuse for chocolate, right? The place was oh-so classy, they took our coats, the waitress wore black and white maid outfits, it was exclusive and I'm sure we looked out of place, with my $4 converse rip-offs and jeans. Nevertheless we dined on the famous Sacher Tort which was decadent and left us feeling like we'd eaten a whole collection of chocolate. But definataly a experience ;) Vienna is really beautiful but the cold weather is really prohibiting us from getting the full experience! It is such a downer!!!